Richard Stallman (rms) in the UK 2011

Richard Stallman, aka rms, founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), GNU's Not Unix (GNU) and the Free Software Movement did a speaking tour of Great Britain (unfortunately, Northern Ireland was not included in the tour) at the beginning of March 2011. FFSUK recommended attendance.

The individual events were organised by local IET committees and registration was required.

The IET 'Stallman 2011' tour included talks in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France as well as the UK.
IET press release: Software freedom crusader Richard Stallman on European tour.

FFSUK was present at all the events. We used the opportunity to chat to people interested in Free Software from around Great Britain. Video and audio recordings were made of the events and we'll link to them below when they are available.

Locations with dates were:

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